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Tapping videos

TFT seems complex at first glance, but most people choose one or two favorite routines and learn them after just a few times through. On this page, you can download instructions as a PDF file or watch a video of Jane walking you through the process.

Complex Trauma Complete algorithm

This is Jane’s favorite algorithm because it covers a multitude of emotions including sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, guilt and shame. Tapping the sequence will bring down the discomfort associated with traumatic or shaming memories, infuriating events, and disturbing images that have lodged themselves in the brain. Open PDF instructions.


Physical Pain algorithm

The physical pain algorithm is much shorter and can be used to reduce pain or other bodily sensations that are causing distraction or distress. It also works well for EMDR headaches – the discomfort in the front of the forehead that sometimes follows a session of trauma processing. Open PDF instructions.

Please Note:
The TFT information given on this website is taken from materials provided by Jill Strunk, Ed.D., LP., TFTdxVT in her training for therapists:
Rapid Resolution for Intractable Problems, 19 September, 2009. Permission has been given for the use of her materials as a resource for clients of Jane McCampbell, MA, LMFT. Permission has NOT been given for general download or distribution. Please do not reproduce or copy this material in any form. For published information on TFT, please reference Dr Roger Callahan’s book, Tapping the Healer Within (2002), available from Amazon, or contact Roger Callahan’s organization, Callahan Techniques, directly.