Understanding Coaching

Is this all there is?

It’s the question we dare not ask ourselves, for fear of where it may lead. When nothing is explicitly wrong and there’s plenty to feel thankful for, we find ourselves feeling guilty for acknowledging that maybe – just maybe – life could be a little more fulfilled, a little more fun, a little more alive than it actually is.

Back when we were young, many of us learned “I want doesn’t get”. Parents would benevolently allow us an ice-cream – if we had been good enough to deserve it. Getting that new bike meant countless hours earning money doing all the jobs that parents and neighbors didn’t want to do. The upshot? Be grateful for what you’ve got, because nothing else comes easily, and you’re still gonna need permission.

Coaching is the permission to make a change in your career, your primary relationships, your location, your health. Coaching is the permission to write a book, to open a restaurant, to climb Mount Everest or to spend every day with the love of your life.

The Coactive® coaching model believes that every person is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This means that all of us have the ability to dream big, to live out our values and to find our life’s purpose – hopefully long before we reach retirement. But sometimes we need a collaborator, a cheer-leader and a co-conspirator to help us find our uniqueness, nurture the seedlings of our ideas and bring energy, excitement and movement into our plans.

Welcome to coaching.