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The Arizona Mug

On February 3, 2015, I bought a mug in a hotel gift shop. While I took my time choosing my favorite, the purchase was not in any way intended to be auspicious. It was simply that I was staying for a week-long training, and I needed something bigger than an espresso cup to drink my […]

Hair Repair

“No Jane, I did NOT leave the color on too long, and if you don’t like it, that’s on you not me,” Mindi snapped, stomping her Doc Martens across the tiny salon. Despite the multiple sizzling come-backs I could have offered, I held my tongue. It’s an old trick from my couples therapy days: when […]

The Vision Board

Many of my clients have been noticing the change in the office behind me, and have been asking about our move. And there’s an interesting story behind the place where we find ourselves, which – for a variety of reasons – I’ve been hesitant to tell. But those who’ve heard it have found both encouraging […]

A Covid Thanksgiving

It’s the day before Thanksgiving 2020. In previous years I’d have been delivering after-dinner speeches on “Surviving the Holidays”, quipping that Thanksgiving keeps therapists in business. I’d be adding client hours to my calendar to accommodate all those in a state of panic at the prospect of spending extensive time with extended family. I’d be […]

Understanding Coaching

Is this all there is? It’s the question we dare not ask ourselves, for fear of where it may lead. When nothing is explicitly wrong and there’s plenty to feel thankful for, we find ourselves feeling guilty for acknowledging that maybe – just maybe – life could be a little more fulfilled, a little more […]